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In many ways, our family is just like yours. We're a typical family navigating extraordinary circumstances. More than a decade and a half ago, our lives took an unexpected turn. After a routine 20-week ultrasound revealed that our unborn daughter was likely to face some challenges, we began a journey that we hadn’t planned. In the beginning, every step we took was filled with uncertainty and fear. But, over the years, the unfamiliar has become our new normal and we have learned to embrace our different kind of special. Now, we’d like to help others do the same.

Our journey from sorrow to joy

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About the Different Kind of Special Team

Julia - Inspiration

Teenager, music lover, non-verbal, non-mobile, sassy sense of humor, gentle spirit, warrior

Michele - Founder

Mom, book lover, creative problem-solver, marketing professional, blogger, vacation junkie, scrapbooker

Erica - Content

Baby of the family, mother hen, crazy smart, big heart, feisty, published poet

Luke - Multi-Media

Middle child, whip smart, laid back, soccer player, bicycler, gamer, Boy Scout


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