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Welcome to Different Kind of Special. We’re so happy you are here.

More than a decade and a half ago, our lives took an unexpected turn. After a routine 20-week ultrasound revealed that our unborn daughter was likely to face some challenges, we began a journey that we hadn’t planned. In the beginning, every step we took was filled with uncertainty and fear. But, over the years, the unfamiliar has become our new normal and we have learned to embrace our different kind of special. Now, we’d like to help others do the same.


Here’s what we want Different Kind of Special to provide to you:


Navigating life when you have a child with special needs is all kinds of challenging. It tests you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
We want to share our family’s strategies and the lessons we’ve learned so that other families who are facing similar challenges can shorten their learning curve. We’ll share both a parent and sibling perspective as well as bringing you insights from professionals and industry experts.

Our goal is to make this site a repository of information and resources that empower you to find solutions and strategies that work for you.


We’re grounded in reality and recognize that special needs families often face challenges that few people really understand. But, we still try to find the positive in even the most difficult situations. We’d like to share our spirit of realistic optimism with you.

While your journey may not be path you planned for, we hope you can recognize and embrace the opportunity for it to be beautiful, meaningful and filled with joy, in spite of (and sometimes because of) the challenges.


This journey that we’re all on isn’t easy. But, we don’t have to do it alone. We want Different Kind of Special to be a thriving community filled with optimism and hope, where collectively, we can help another.

Are you in? We’d love to keep you in the loop with everything that’s happening here. Please click the Join Our Community button at the bottom of the page, and we’ll add you to our monthly newsletter list.

About The Different Kind of Special Team

About Julia small

Teenager, music lover, non-verbal, non-mobile, sassy sense of humor, gentle spirit, warrior


About Michele small

Mom, book lover, creative problem-solver, marketing professional, blogger, vacation junkie, scrapbooker


About Luke small

Middle child, whip smart, laid back, soccer goalie, gamer, Boy Scout


Multimedia Manager
About Erica small

Baby of the family, mother hen, crazy smart, big heart, feisty, published poet


Content Manager